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Project PLATON

Nº Project: IDI-20160244


The main objective of the project is the development and manufacturing of a biosensing device based on photonics technology and the implementation up until pre-commercial level on applications for biologic sensing control (allergen and pathogenic analytes) for the improvement of the processes within food sector.

A more concrete project objective is that the developed application will allow to get the same performances than current sensing and control methods in terms of sensibility, improving current sensing limitations. PLATON biosensing device will allow having results within minutes with high specificity and sensibility with multitarget capacity. The developed device will also show other interesting features like no sample preparation required, label-free and cost effective…

Proposed ring resonators based technology is an outcome from R+D implemented projects, that has been tested at laboratory level (TRL4). The objective is increase this TRL up until TRL6-7 (pre-comercial level) by the redesign of part of that technology and also concreting some other exclusive aspects of the application.

PLATON project will be concreted on an application for allergen and pathogen sensing on industrial lines.

The created device is based on two main components: a BASE STATION and a DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE. This approach tries to simplify the analysis method and to reduce the cost of the tests.

On the other hand, due to the strong relationship between LUMENSIA and NTC-UPV, there have been achieved huge advances on the development of new sensing technologies based on SPR On-Chip. That new technology could also be introduced on industrial applications, thus guaranteeing the next technologic developments of LUMENSIA.