Launch Project

Microfluidic improvements and measurement automatization on photonic biosensing platform

LUMENSIA R&D tasks have driven to a biosensing platform based on its photonic technology. The degree of pre-industrial (reaching TRL6) has been reached on a biosensing platform for multi-allergen detection in food matrices. This technology allows a rapid determination of allergens content (20 minutes) with multi-analyte capacity (up to 6 analytes), label-free, precise, specific, highly sensitive (ppm level) and economic.

The performances of the developed technology, both from a functional and detection point of view has been evaluated industrially together with one of the shareholders of LUMENSIA, one of the reference companies in its sector in the Valencian Community. The tests have been implemented for the detection of Ovoalbumin (Egg), Gliadin (Wheat Gluten), Casein (Milk) and beta-Lactoglobulin-BLG (Milk) in processed meat products.

However, for the large-scale commercial launch of the system a series of improvements to be implemented have been detected. Mainly on microfluidics cartridge, photonic chip performances and measurement automatization. Thus, the main objective of MUFFIN project is to introduce those improvements, to implement the commercial display of them and to get a system that overcomes the limitations of the methods currently used.