Food Safety


Titulo: Fotónica integrada para el control microbiológico integral en el sector agroalimentario Acrónimo: BACTERIO Número de Expediente: INNEST/2021/45 Programa: Proyectos estratégicos en cooperación Descripción del proyecto El control de la contaminación microbiológica en el sector agroalimentario es un requisito legal destinado a garantizar la seguridad alimentaria de los consumidores. Las técnicas y procedimientos de detección...

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Título del proyecto: Investigación y desarrollo de un sistema biotecnológico integral de limpieza y desinfección de patógenos con aplicación en seguridad alimentaria y ámbito clínico. Acrónimo: BIOCLEAN Número de expediente: INNEST/2021/358 Programa: Proyectos estratégicos en cooperación   Descripción del proyecto: El objetivo principal del proyecto es investigar y desarrollar un sistema integral biotecnológico de limpieza...

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PROJECT GRACED Topic:  ICT-37-2020  Project Grant agreement nº:101007448 A H2020 project funded by the European Commission Title: Plasmo-Photonic Interferometric Sensors as part of a holistic solution for food quality monitoring in the fruits & vegetables sector   As consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables (F&V) continues to increase, so does the risk of microbiological...

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Project SAPHER Topic:  EIC-FTI-2018-2020 Project ID: 958855 A Fast-Track-to-Innovation project funded by the European Commission Title: Disruptive Nano Photonics-based bio sensing platform for simultaneous analysis of multiple allergens in food industry   Food allergies affect over 17M people in Europe and increasing at a 2 digit prevalence rate. With no cure, the only successful method...

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Project ALMOND Nº Project: INNCAD00/18/025 Program: Consolidación de la cadena de valor empresarial Title: AlLergen Management phOtoNics Device ​ LUMENSIA SENSORS was funded in 2013 with the aim of developing biosensing devices based on its Photonics Integrated Circuits property technology. Where application fields are Health, Food Safety, Environment and Defence. LUMENSIA SENSORS has already developed a…

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Project PLATON Nº Project: IDI-20160244 Title: PHOTONIC SENSING PLATFORM FOR BIOLOGICAL CONTROL IN FOOD FACILITIES. The main objective of the project is the development and manufacturing of a biosensing device based on photonics technology and the implementation up until pre-commercial level on applications for biologic sensing control (allergen and pathogenic analytes) for the improvement of the…

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