About Us

LUMENSIA SENSORS is a Spanish biotech company developing proprietary photonics-based sensing solutions for the most demanding applications.

LUMENSIA implements its proprietary Photonics Integrated Circuits design and read out electronics engineering to deliver simultaneous multianalyte, fast, accurate, label free and cheap sensing solutions in sectors such as Food, Health, Environment and Veterinary

Founded in 2013, by DAS Photonics and supported by partners in Food Industry, LUMENSIA is reaching the market after many years of deep technological development, supported by R&D projects funded by regional, Spanish and European entities.

LUMENSIA is now ready to roll out into de market its first product range for Food Safety

SAPHER 1 is the first system in the market assessing the presence and concentration of multiple allergens in a single food sample. The test for simultaneous multiallergen detection (up to six) is fast (20 minutes), , very accurate, with good sensitivity, label free and very cost effective.

SAPHER technology approach is based on two main components:
The SAPHER biosensing platform contains all the interrogation and read-out subsystems as well as fluidic control, electronics and software. It automatically carries out all the assay steps without any human intervention.

On the other hand, the Consumable Cartridge includes the Photonics Integrated Circuits and the sample management microfluidics. The cartridge is self-contained avoiding any cross-contamination risk.

Sapher_C01, Cartridge for Gluten + Milk (β-lactoglobuline and Casein) + Egg will be available in Autumn 2020. Cartridges for other allergens sets will follow in the next months. Sapher_C02 for Soya, Peanuts and Celery. Sapher_C03 for Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscs. Sapher_C04 for Mustards and Nuts.
The generated assay data can be integrated in the ERP/MRP systems of the Food Industry for deeper analysis of quality control, contents tendencies, incident management and many other applications.

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Food Safety 

Pathogen detection and quantification

Water Reuse 

Pathogen detection and quantification


SARS-CoV-2 and antibody detection in human fluids


Swine fever detection

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