About Us

LUMENSIA SENSORS is a biotech company based in Valencia, Spain. We develop and manufacture sensing solutions for the most demanding applications in sectors such as Food, Health, Environment and Veterinary.

Founded in 2013 by DAS Photonics and supported by investors in Food Industry, LUMENSIA is reaching the market after many years of intense technological development, supported by R&D projects funded by regional, Spanish, and European entities.

LUMENSIA implements its proprietary Photonics Integrated Circuits design and read out electronics to deliver simultaneous multianalyte, fast, accurate, label free and cheap portable sensing solutions.

LUMENSIA technology is ‘application agnostic’, that is, can be used to detect many targets for many different sectors in a broad range of different matrices with the only need of disposable cartridge adaptation. Thus, reducing time to market and cost for our customers.

LUMENSIA is now rolling out into de market its first product range for Food Safety